Your homework accessible anytime anywhere.

target groups

Teachers who do not want to lose any more time with the control of homework books and want to be sure that everyone knows at any time, when and what homework is due.

Students who have received from their teachers a group access code to join their homework groups.

Parents who wish to have reliable information about the homework and upcoming tests of their children.


easy setup

Once you have registered create a group for each grade that you teach (for example, Grade B2a). Alternatively or in addition, you can also setup groups for your subjects (mathematics, chemistry) or subgroups (English A1).

Everyone (teachers, students, parents) who wants to gain access the homework of a particular group needs to register and to apply for group membership.

You assign write permissions to those who shall be able to enter homework (subject teachers or even students).

trial version

You can test this software without registering. To do so, enter the following information in the login page:

email address: test@duzzler.com
password: test

All data in the demo version is fictitious. Any resemblance to real conditions is purely coincidental.

For the sake of simplicity, visitors of the trial version will be set back in time to a fixed date in the past: Mo, 03.14.2016

No one can say that he didn't know.


Swiss made: The duzzler is a Swiss product. All data is on a server in Switzerland.

90 days rentention: All entries remain stored in the archive up to 90 days after their due date. With comprehensive search functions, they can be displayed or be exported according to various criteria.

data protection: Your group members see only what they are supposed to see. Furthermore, regular backups are created from your data.

SSL: Your data is transferred using SSL, a reliable encryption protocol. SSL is indicated by the 'https://' in the address bar of your browser.

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